Your initial visit with Thrive Neuro Health will always start with a comprehensive case review of your clinical history. We believe that your personal and clinical experiences oftentimes provide the greatest insight into possible solutions to your current situation. It is paramount for us to understand where you have been in order to best navigate to where you are going.

Additionally, during your initial visit with Thrive Neuro Health you will have several advanced diagnostic tests performed to objectively and statistically assess your baseline level of function. You will also receive a detailed physical and neurological examination by a Board Certified Functional Neurologist. Once these steps have been completed relevant findings and results will be discussed with you and your team (should anyone else be present with you). Dr. Jerome will explain what he believes may be contributing to your symptoms, and will create a detailed and personalized treatment plan unique to your condition.


Once we have your detailed health history, the results of your physical and neurological examinations, and the data supplied by our advanced diagnostic equipment, we will be able to construct a detailed picture of the current state of your nervous system.

Dr. Jerome will utilize this information to create an individualized treatment plan specifically for you that is designed to promote neuroplasticity. Thrive Neuro Health aims to pursue a comprehensive approach to your care by integrating therapies via your visual, auditory, vestibular, proprioceptive, and cognitive systems to promote optimal function for life.


The number of sessions you will complete at Thrive Neuro Health is determined on a case-by-case basis. Regardless of the number of sessions in the clinic, Thrive Neuro Health will monitor and fine-tune the individualized interventions for each patient, with the specific goals of improving symptoms and creating a personalized at-home exercise plan.

Once adequately educated and trained in these interventions, each patient is resourced and equipped with their own at-home plan- with the aim of maintaining momentum and achieving continued independence and autonomy.

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