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C.S. Lewis

Dr. Lubbe was incredibly professional and performed a litany of diagnostic tests to know how to proceed with Campbell. Things we had not seen or heard of at other clinics...there was always a very specific plan!

Dr. Lubbe made Campbell feel completely at ease and even when it was hard, it was fun! Our results have been outstanding. After Campbell had her eyes balanced, her ability to track across a page with math and reading dramatically improved! So much so, that she enjoyed reading when before it had felt like torture. Her brain balance testing improved dramatically as well!

Her confidence improved because her identity as a great student was restored. She finished fourth grade with high honors in every subject. I would say that is SIGNIFICANT improvement. [Thrive and Dr. Jerome] are the cutting edge of treatment for processing!

Rachel (Campbell's Mom)

Dr. Jerome Lubbe is an amazing person and provider. He takes his time with each patient; he is very compassionate and understanding of their injuries and limitations. [My] headaches have decreased and I can walk without passing out!